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Current Article
Privacy Violation in Online Social Network Using Agent Based Architecture

Author Names : Grishma R. Pardeshi,Rajesh H. Kulkarni

Volume : Volume 2     Issue :Issue 3
Ultra Alert: Safety Alert Mechanism for Pedestrian Mobile Phone Users in Crowded Area

Author Names : Shivani B. Deorukhakar1, Prof. Rajesh H. Kulkarni2

Volume : Volume 2     Issue :Issue 3
Microcontroller Based Touch and Wi-Fi Enabled Electrical Switch

Author Names : Rahul I Shendurnikar,Prof.Mr.R.H.Kulkarni

Volume : Volume 2     Issue :Issue 3
Community Structure and Central Node Identification through Leadership Function and Its Application

Author Names : Renuka Anil Raut, Prof.Mr.R.H.Kulkarni

Volume : Volume 2     Issue :Issue 3
A Proposed Approach on Call Creating and Blocking Problem Reduction Techniques in Networking Environment

Author Names : Mukesh Kushwaha, Assistant Professor

Volume : Volume 2     Issue :Issue 3
Philips Coded Remote Control 4-Line

Author Names : 1Shikha Mishra, 2Himanshu Sirohia

Volume : Volume 2     Issue :Issue 3
A Review: Digital Bulletin & Messaging Framework

Author Names : 1pooja Kumari, 2himanshu Sirohia

Volume : Volume 2     Issue :Issue 3