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Frequently  Asked Questions - FAQ's

These FAQ’s are designed to provide a better understanding of the EIJO Publication process and Tern and condition. For any kind of more queries feel free to mail us at: Your query will be resolved within 5-7 working days.

1. How do I submit my article ?

Please submit your article online. Electronic submission substantially reduces the editorial processing and reviewing times and shortens overall publication times. Please click “Online submission” on the specific journal's page. The link “Online submissionor or leads you directly to the submission system used by that EIJO Journals.

2. How can I access my article online ?

If your Universities/ Colleges/Institutions/ other organizations or individuals has subscribed to the electronic journal, you will have immediate full text access. If your institution does not have a license for the journal, the fastest way to access your article online is to use the volume and issue. We regret that currently we cannot offer another option.

3. How much does it cost to publish in an EIJO Journals ?

For the majority of EIJO journals, publishing an article with nominal of charge. • If a journal requires page charges, you will find them on the journal's homepage or in its Instructions for Authors. • No extra Charges might apply e.g. for color figures or over-length articles. The information on these extra costs will also be available from the EIJO homepage or its Instructions for Authors. • No Charges for open access articles If you choose to publish an open access article ("EIJO Open Choice" article or in "EIJO" journals, there will be an Article Processing Charge (APC) to be paid by the author (or his/her funding institution). As a consequence, the article can be freely read, downloaded or distributed from and by any internet user.

4. Where can I find instructions for a specific journal ?

Please go to the homepage of the EIJO you have chosen for your publication. To access the journal page, please choose from the list of EIJO Journals, or enter the journal’s title in the search box, or select the discipline and then "Journals".

5. Does EIJO Publication provide templates and style files for preparing a journal article ?

For your convenience EIJO Publication has developed macros and templates to help you prepare your manuscript. Information about the preferred format for the individual journals can be found in the specific journal’s Instructions for Authors.

6. Does EIJO Publication provide English language support ?

Manuscripts that are accepted for publication will be checked by our copy editors for spelling and formal style. This may not be sufficient if English is not your native language and substantial editing would be required. In that case, you may want to have your manuscript edited by a native speaker prior to submission. A clear and concise language will help editors and reviewers concentrate on the scientific content of your paper and thus smooth the peer review process. The following editing service provides language editing for scientific articles in all areas EIJO publishes in. Use of an editing service is neither a requirement nor a guarantee of acceptance for publication.

7. Where can I find artwork instructions ?

Illustrations – photographs, line drawings, etc – should be submitted in digital form. For detailed information about file formats, resolution, figure sizing, etc, please check our artwork guidelines.

8. What happens if my paper gets rejected ?

EIJO Publication is committed to your publishing success: If your research is of good quality, then it may be suitable for another journal. Let us suggest an alternative journal within our esteemed publishing portfolio for resubmitting your manuscript (and any reviewer comments) for fast, effortless publication.

9. What happens after my article has been accepted ?

While the manuscript files are handed over to production for data processing and typesetting, you (being the corresponding author) will stay in touch with us through Author Guidelines. There you will be asked whether you wish to: Publish your article open access with EIJO Open Choice option (if the EIJO journal is not a fully open access one). Transfer the copyright of your article (if you don’t publish open access). Order printing of figures in color. Order paid offprint’s in addition to your free (electronic) offprint.

10. Can you give me more information about Copyright ?

Authors will be asked to transfer the copyright of their article to the publisher or grant the publisher exclusive publication and dissemination rights. This will ensure the widest possible protection and dissemination of information under copyright laws. Open access articles (Open Choice articles or fully open access journals) do not require you to transfer the copyright; the copyright remains with the authors. By opting for Open Choice, you agree to publish your article under the Creative Commons Attribution License (as of January, 2016). Articles published before that date is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License.

11. What exactly is the "EIJO Publication" service and how can I benefit from it ?

The “EIJO Publication” service facilitates all administrative tasks after your article has been accepted by EIJO journal. You can sign the Copyright Transfer Statement online, decide whether your article should be published open access, whether your figures should appear in color if available. Most importantly, this new process significantly reduces the production time of your article.

12. What exactly is Online First ?

The Online First service lets users access peer reviewed articles well before print publication. These articles are searchable and citable by their DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and DIDS (Digital Identification Database system). With Online First publication the time it takes for critical discoveries to reach the research community is significantly reduced.

13. How can I order offprint’s version ?

For the majority of EIJO’s Journals you will receive a free electronic offprint (PDF-format) for your article for your personal use. For some journals you will have the choice between this free offprint and a given number of free paper offprint’s (the options are based on the respective agreement with the editors or society partners). You will find your offprint options on the EIJO’s journals.

14. How can I request permission to re-use material ?

To use material printed in publications from EIJO, please contact us to get permission.