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Einstein International Journal Organization(EIJO) is an international Genius Thought journals platform .

Our Upcoming Journals

1. EIJO Journal of Computer Sciences and Technology (EIJO-JCST)

2. EIJO Journal Electronics Communication Engineering (EIJO-JECE)

3. EIJO Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Automobile Technology (EIJO-JCECT)

4. EIJO Journal of Electrical and Power Engineering (EIJO-JECPE)

5. EIJO Journal of Textile Engineering and Designing Technology (EIJO-JTEDT)

6. EIJO Journal of Dental Sciences and Technology (EIJO-JDST)

7. EIJO Journal Veterinary Science and Technology (EIJO-JVST)

8. EIJO Journal of Statistics Science and Biostatistics (EIJO-JSSBS)

9. EIJO Journal of Business and Market Trading Technology (EIJO-JBMTT)

10. EIJO Journal of Research Methodology & Education Technology (EIJO-JRMET)

11. EIJO Journal of Advanced Geological Science and Technology (EIJO-JAGST)

12. EIJO Journal of Finance and  Economics (EIJO-JEF)

Our Upcoming Books

1.  A Text Book of Computer Architecture and Organization

2. A Text Book of Artificial Intelligence

3. A Text Book of Organic Chemistry

4. A Text Book of Structure of Building

5. A Text Book of Ras Shastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana

6. A Text Book of Rachana Sharir

7. A Text Book of Anatomy

8. A Text Book of Role of Indian Politics in Social Life

9. A Text Book of Agronomy

10. A Text Book of Nutrition and Diets