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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Online Usage

Please read the following terms and conditions regarding the online usage of Einstein International Journal Organization (EIJO) resources for online only, Combined and Premium subscribers. If you have any questions regarding the use of the online version of the Einstein International Journal Organization (EIJO), please send email to: .

Einstein International Journal Organization (EIJO) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EIJO- a not-for-profit organization.

Terms and Conditions of Usage for Premium subscribers

Access to papers published in the current issue and current year is restricted to Universities/ Colleges/Institutions/ other organizations or individuals with a Premium, combined online and print and electronic or electronic only subscription to EIJO. The archive of EIJO online is only available to individuals or Universities/ Colleges/Institutions/ other organizations with a Premium subscription. Access to individual papers is also available to non-subscribers on without payment of a fee.

Use of EIJO online is governed by the following terms and conditions.

1. Copyright:

The EIJO Trust is the sole owner of EIJO Publications Ltd, which exists to publish EIJO. EIJO Publications Limited owns the copyright to all papers published in EIJO, unless otherwise noted in individual articles. EIJO Publications Ltd warrants that it has the authority to make available EIJO and that it has secured all rights and permissions necessary to enable authorised users to utilise such materials in compliance with this licence.

2. The License:

Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement and upon payment of the annual subscription fee, EIJO Publications Limited grants to the Institution/personal subscriber a one-year, non-transferable licence for access to all materials included in the online version of EIJO Journals.

3. Terms of access:

This licence will cover access, during the calendar year for which a Premium subscription has been paid, to the full database of the Journal, including: tables of contents, abstracts, full text and graphics of all articles, including multi-media adjuncts where appropriate, in the current Volume / Issue / Year and in all previous Volumes/Issues and years to the electronic archive. Access to the current Volume / Issue / Year and to the electronic archive of the EIJO Journals shall be controlled through the use of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for Universities/ Colleges/institutions/ other organizations and usernames and passwords for personal subscribers. Institutional subscribers are responsible for ensuring that the Publisher has been supplied with a valid IP address. Valid IP addresses cannot include publicly accessible proxy or cache servers. This will permit an authorized user from an authorized IP address to have access to the current Volume/ Issue /Year of the EIJO Journals. Universities/ Colleges/institutions/ other organizations subscribers should notify the Publisher within 15 days of any changes in registration data or IP addresses.

4. Definitions:

For the purposes of this licence, Universities/ Colleges/Institutions/ other organizations is defined as: one contiguous campus community and network, including any halls of residence of faculty, staff or students or in the commercial sector, e.g. archaeological units, one contiguous commercial office complex. Authorized users include faculty such as visiting or permanent, students and staff of the institution, and any on-site users, which may include the general public, of the Universities/ Colleges/Institutions/other organizations library and campus computer networks.

5. Multi-site or consortium access:

Extended licenses for multi-site institutions and consortia are available; please contact for further information.

6. Use of the EIJO journals: what authorized users are allowed to do:

Any authorized user may search, retrieve, save, download and print out copies of individual articles or other items from the database of the Journal for their scholarly, educational, research or personal use. Authorized users may only transmit articles or other items from the database to other authorized users. Authorized users may make multiple copies of any items from the database or from the soft and hard copy of the EIJO Journals for inclusion in course packs, which may then be distributed to other authorized users, provided that such copies are only used for teaching purposes within the Universities/Colleges/Institutions/other organizations and that nominal charge is made for such copies. Such items must bear the following notice: © EIJO Publications Limited year of publication.

7. Usage restrictions: what authorized users are NOT allowed to do:

1. Downloading of entire issues of the EIJO Journals is not allowed.

2. Items from the database may not be copied or distributed for commercial advantage or if any fees or charges are made in connection with such items.

3. Material from the Journal may not be translated, altered, re-compiled, manipulated or used to prepare derivative works, or published in any other format in any medium without written permission from EIJO Publications Limited.

4. The authors' names or publisher's copyright notices or other means of identification must not be removed from or altered as they appear in the EIJO Journals.

5. Items from the database may not be mounted or distributed on any electronic network, including without limitation the Internet and the World Wide Web. The EIJO Publications Limited reserves the right to terminate the access of any authorized user in breach of the above restrictions.

8. Unauthorized usage:

An Universities/ Colleges/institutions/ other organizations will not be held liable to the Publisher for unauthorized use of the Journal provided that: such use is without the express or implied consent of the institution; and, in addition, that the institution shall promptly notify the Publisher of any known infringements of copyright, or any other such unauthorized activity, of which it becomes aware. In addition, Universities/ Colleges/Institutions/ Other organizations subscribers shall take all reasonable steps to prevent or to cease such activity and to prevent any recurrence thereof.

9. Termination of the licence:
The EIJO Publications may terminate this licence for the electronic version of the Journals, for any breach of this agreement, by providing the institution with written notice in paper or electronic form. No refund will be provided upon such termination.

10. Term of the agreement:

This agreement shall continue until the later of 31 December in any particular year or 30 days after publication of the last issue of the year for which an Universities/ Colleges/institutions/ other organizations subscription is held.

EIJO Publications Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the "EIJO Trust" - a not-for-profit organization.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the online version of the Journal, please send email to:


1. There is no guarantee that the information contained in EIJO online is identical to the print version.

2. The EIJO Publications does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in the online version of the EIJO Journal, or its merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

3. The EIJO Publications will have no liability to any person for any loss or damage arising out of use of, or inability to use, the online version of the Journal.

4. The EIJO Publications shall make all reasonable endeavours to make its server available to an institution on a 24-hours basis, with the exception of normal server administration and down time. If access is suspended or interrupted, owing to circumstances beyond the EIJO Publications control, liability shall be limited to restoring access as soon as is practicable.

5. The EIJO Publications reserves the right to modify the terms of this agreement immediately by providing notice online and directly to institutions by electronic and conventional mail. Continued use of the online EIJO Journals for more than 15 days after such notice shall constitute acceptance of such modification.