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Sex-linked gene for auto-sexing in Japanese quail

Author Names : T.Sasidhar, M.Moorthy, K.Rajendran, K.Mani  volume 1 issue 1
Article Overview


A sex-linked dominant and recessive gene present in the sex chromosome which is transmitted from the female parent to the male offspring and male parent to the both male and female offsprings. Manchurian Golden (Brown) quail carrying the sex-linked recessive gene for brown plumage pattern was crossed with British Range (Black) quail carrying the sex-linked dominant gene for black plumage pattern and resulting offsprings appeared with Brown and Black plumages. The chicks were reared up to 4 weeks of age and it has been noticed that all Brown chicks were females and all Black chicks were males.

Keywords: Manchurian Golden x British Range, sex-linkage, sex-linked plumage, auto-sexing.



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